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Not much can be said about after a fantastic weekend lots of friends not seen often enough demonstrations of skills and discussions at the old stockade had a wonderful american mountain man dinner saturday night going back to work tuesday. Fort bridger — blue skies, sunshine, hot temperatures and the fort bridger state historic site proved to be the perfect backdrop for the 45 th annual fort bridger rendezvous rendezvous or a french word for meeting, proved to be a step back in time to the pre-1840’s of the american west in the rocky mountains. Uinta county, wyoming genealogy and history history of fort bridger fort bridger fort bridger was built in 1842 - 1843 by jim bridger and louis vasquez the spot that was chosen for the fort was at black's fork, west of the hams fork of the green river. Statue of jim bridger fort bridger, wyoming to be frank, neither of the three full-body statues of frontiersman jim bridger (one in missouri, one in montana, and one here) resembles his known photos, but this one is particularly heroic. The fort bridger trading post was established in 1843 by one of the most widely known mountain men, jim bridger fort bridger would be a major hub to for western expansion and indian trade for mountain men, indians, immigrants and mormon pioneers.

Two mountain men sharing a story at historic fort bridger in southern wyoming find this pin and more on buckskin by ama deus mandy, here are your old geezer mountain men recalling old times. Pioneer days remembrance – fort bridger in the vast wilderness of the rocky mountains, fort bridger was the gateway to the westward expansion during the mid-1800s between 1847- 1869, over 70,000 mormon emigrants had traveled over the mormon trail to the salt lake valley. I took my kids and two of their friends 200 miles away to fort bridger for their annual mountain man rendezvous. After looting the fort and killing some of bridger's men, the mormons left and bridger returned—but his influence in the valley was never the same the mormons built fort supply to maintain their influence, and in 1855 they bought fort bridger for the sum of eight thousand dollars.

Fort bridger was first established in 1843 as a trading post by jim bridger and his partner, pierre louis (luis) vasquez, on the on black’s fork of the green river planning to trade both with the indians and the westward-bound emigrants, the first “fort” was composed of two double-log houses. Fort bridger mountain man rendezvous, held annually the labor day weekend of september at fort bridger wyoming, this mountain man rendezvous is an experience your family will be sure to remember for years. Established by mountain men jim bridger and louis vasquez in 1843, fort bridger was an important rest and re-supply spot for emigrants bound to utah, california and oregon mormons acquired the site in the mid-1850s, and burned it in 1857 as the us. Bridger, james by s matthew despain and fred r gowans bridger centennial celebration, logan, 1924 the winter of 1825-1826 was spent by bridger and most of ashley's men in the salt lake valley in two camps: one at the mouth of the weber river and one on the bear the mormons took possession of fort bridger in 1855, making much-needed. The fort bridger rendezvous association hosts the annual fort bridger mountain man rendezvous it is a mountain man rendezvous in celebration of the fur trade rendezvous era that occurred in the rocky mountains between 1825-1840.

Fort bridger was an important destination for travelers to rest, restock supplies, and get vital information about the upcoming legs of the journey, and even letters from home it played a large role in shepherding mormon immigrants to the salt lake city region. Fort bridger rendezvous: sept 1st-4th 2017 labor day weekend, fort bridger historic site, ft bridger, wy okaythis is the biggest rendezvous of the area okaythis is the biggest rendezvous of the area. Hello we are dale and kenzie flink our goal is to live life , and enjoy it we invite those around us to join in our adventures and to explore and see what treasures our world has to offer. Fort bridger state historic site maintains and interprets historic structures and remnants from its 5 eras of occupation which include the mountain men, mormons, military, milkbarn/ motel and museum.

Two mountain men sharing a story at historic fort bridger in southern wyoming. In 1846, the donner party came to fort bridger and were assured by bridger and vasquez that the hasting's pass ahead was a fine, level road, with plenty of water and grass, with the exception before stated (a forty mile waterless stretch)the preceeding statement was a crock the forty mile stretch was indeed 80 miles. Fort bridger state historic site can be found off of interstate highway 80 west, near lyman, in the black's fork area, near the green river take exit 34 then travel approximately 3 miles south of evanston, wyoming.

Fort bridger men

Norma and joe hopkinson passed the fort bridger ranch onto their son, scott, in 2001 scott and chris live in salt lake city scott was born on the fort bridger ranch and this property is near and dear to his heart. Men such as jim bridger were employed by fur trading companies to trap beavers and other animals for their fur the only contact they had with the outside world was at a number of rendezvous and trading posts jim bridger built fort bridger on the oregon trail the fort contained a shop and a blacksmiths forge and was a useful facility for. Fort bridger mountain man rendezvous, held annually the first weekend of september at fort bridger wyoming, this mountain man rendezvous is an experience your family will be sure to remember for years.

  • Articles of a treaty made and concluded at fort bridger, utah territory,on the third day of july, in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight, by and between the undersigned commissioners on the part of the united states, and the undersigned chiefs and head-men of and representing the shoshonee (eastern band)and bannack.
  • The fort bridger rendezvous is the second largest visitor event in wyoming activities at the site bring to life the facts out of the history books during the weekend, the state site is dotted with teepees, lean-tos, grizzled buckskinned mountain men and women, native americans in ceremonial dress, children in buckskins or ginghams and more.
  • Stop in fort bridger in southwest wyoming on labor day weekend, (sept 3-6) and the sounds of gunfire, native american drummers and dancers, and the hum of other activities will take you back in time to a western north america fur trade era rendezvous such as those that occurred in the rocky mountains between 1825-40.

Fort bridger originally set up as a supply post for westward emigrants along the overland and oregon-mormon trails, fort bridger was built along the blacks fork of the green river in southwest wyoming. Bridger, however, claimed that he had to flee the fort in 1853 at the approach of 150-armed men sent to arrest him by territorial governor, brigham young bridger was accused of treaty violations, ie selling liquor and ammunition to the indians. For nearly fifty years, fort bridger played a role in all major events of the 19th century rocky mountain frontier and westering experience founded in 1842 by mountain man jim bridger, this southwestern wyoming post was one of the most important outfitting points for travelers on the oregon trail, riders of the pony express, the overland stage, and the union pacific railroad.

Fort bridger men
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